General information

Sivex International LLC is member of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Estonia-Russia Chamber of Businessman.

Sivex International LLC holds full status of “Authorized Economical Operator (F)” in terms of European Community Customs Code.

Autorised Economic Operators - Certificate AEOF (Regulation № 450/2008/EC) Since - 27.08.09

Sivex International LLC is a customs clearing agency that was founded in Pärnu already in 1994. 

Our main services are customs clearance and warehouse services in Pärnu and Narva, excise warehouse services in Narva and currency exchange, preparation of electronic copy of documents (TIR etc.), customs transit and insurance services in border points.

We help our customers to complete customs documents and use other clearing agent’s services. Our services are flexible, effective and well-priced.

Customs warehouses:

CT/0004/EE300EE, Sivex International LLC, Paide mnt. 9, 80042, Pärnu


YT/0004/EE300EE, Sivex International LLC, Paide mnt. 9, 80042, Pärnu

YT/0038/EE800EE, Sivex International LLC, Napi küla, Misso vald, 65011, Võrumaa

Excise warehouse keeper:

EE1B000880001, Sivex International LLC, 

EE1B000880202, Tiimanni 1H, (box nr.16), Narva 21004 

If you have customs related problems or questions, turn to us and we will help you to resolve them by resorting to valid legislation.



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