Fields of activity

1. Printing services:

a. Completion of declarations of import and export goods on the basis of customer-provided data

b. Printing CMR (shipping document), DV1, DV2 (customs value declaration), EUR1 (declaration of origin) and TIR-Carnet

c. Invoicing for customers

2. Completion and submission of customs declarations in the customer’s name

3. Clearance of entry documents (SD, transit) of goods coming from third countries

4. Clearance agent’s services with prolonged payment deadline for import taxes on goods imported from third countries.


1. We complete transit declarations round the clock and offer principal service in Narva, Koidula and Luhamaa border points. If necessary, transits can be cleared in Pärnu.
2. Data needed for transit declarations:

1. Commodity invoice
2. Place of departure
3. Destination of transit
4. Registration number of vehicle and trailer


 1. Temporary warehousing in the customs terminal: goods from third countries can be temporarily stored in the customs terminal for a maximum of 20 days. In case of a reasonable excuse, the customs authorities may extend the storage permit without charging import taxes.
2. Storage in the customs warehouse: used for long-term warehousing without the payment of import taxes. Upon release for free circulation from the customs terminal or customs warehouse, internal taxes must be paid on goods.
3. Storage in the excise warehouse in accordance with valid legislation.

Processing for the customs clearance with the Russian customs of:

* electronic copy of the transit declaration, international transit declaration, internal transit declaration
* electronic copy of TIR-carnet


We submit Instrastat declarations to the Statistical Office of Estonia for customers whose previous or current year’s export or import of goods to other EU member states exceeds 1 million EEK. The declaration can be submitted electronically or on paper.